Power YMF

Power YMF allows you to tweak your YMF7x4 soundcard driver.

Is Supported

  • Soundcards: YMF-7×4 chip-based
  • Drivers: most popular VxD and WDM
  • OS: Windows 95/98/Milennium/2000/XP

Main Features

  • 44.1 kHz high quality mode
  • Extended high quality XG MIDI Bank Modes
  • The driver tweaks
  • MIDI banks editor
  • XG MIDI files collection

What’s Happen with Power YMF?

I have stopped a development of new versions of the program. Also I have stopped a technical support.

How to get support?

No support service! Please do not ask me.

Where Can I Download Power YMF?

The latest version, which have been developed by me (2.0.1) is freeware now. You can download it using these links:

  • Power YMF 2.0.1 Full Version (0.69MB, key: 1B36A-35155-5790F-95566)
  • Power YMF 2.0.1 Lite Version (0.55MB)
  • Extended Bank for Power YMF (3.94MB)
  • Dance Bank for Power YMF (3.91MB)

Where is YMF-7×4 FAQ and a Definition File for Cakewalk?

  • Yamaha YMF7x4 FAQ (Russian text)
  • Yamaha XG VL (SoundiusXG) Cakewalk definition file

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